The clear, sticker-like spot patches use hydrocolloid technology to help reduce the appearance of blemishes by absorbing secretions and impurities from the skin.

Hydrocolloid is a material, infused with gel-like particles, that absorbs secretions and impurities from a blemish. It provides a protective barrier to help avoid picking and guard against environmental stressors.

Dermatologists and Beauty Experts advise against picking blemishes but we’re human and sometimes can’t control the urge. However, picking blemishes can turn a small, harmless bump into a sore open wound with pus, oils, and sometimes blood. SOS spot patches will help save your skin by reducing redness, reducing the appearance of blemishes, and prevent picking.

  1. Cleanse & dry blemish area.
  2. Patch Placement: Remove backing and place adhesive over the blemished area.
  3. Beauty: Leave patch on overnight. Repeat as needed.

Note: Use the small patches for smaller blemishes and the larger ones for larger blemishes.

Since ideal timing is different for everyone, the patch can be used any time of day (morning or evening), however we suggest overnight (at least 6 hours, but not more than 10, is recommended for best results) for maximum absorption.

The variety pack comes with one sleeve of 8 patches for each color currently available (Holographic Pink, Holographic Cobalt Blue, Holographic Silver, and Translucent Sky Blue)

Wearing the patches for 6-8 hours on clean, dry skin is the best way to go. We advise against wearing the same patch longer than 10 hours.

Do not apply on infected wounds and in the presence of symptoms such as itching, intense redness, heat, or pain.

No, SOS patches are designed to enhance your skincare routine. We recommend applying the patches to cleansed, dry skin to get the best possible results and adhesion. After you apply SOS spot patches, you can continue with your regular morning or evening routine.

Patches are clear and can be worn discreetly during the day or night. However, you can put make up over applied patches if you choose to do so.

No. Overnight spot patches help to draw out impurities that you don’t want to put back onto your skin. Always using a fresh patch for hygienic and safety reasons.

Our products are designed for most skin types, but you may want to consult with a dermatologist before use.

Store at room temperature away from high humidity. While you can store them in your bathroom try to keep them in a generally dry location such as inside a cabinet.

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